Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Finishing the Unfinishable

I apologize for being MIA for so long. That's exactly the problem (missing IN ACTION, get it? Busy.) Looking back, I realize that things started sliding when I became a fulltimesalariedrealgrownupperson for the first time in my life. I started thinking about this blog last week when I realized something was going to have to give (spoiler alert: not the blog.) I still love everything I do, even if it means spending too much money and time, and being covered in bruises, and almost passing out, and occasionally crying after I get in bed at night because I probably should have taken a Tylenol PM or something. So I'm not quitting anything yet, except being good at anything. I will continue to show up and do everything I need to do at work of course, but I'm not going to be good at anything else right now. There are five aerial workshop I need to go to this week because I have to learn EVERYTHING and get super strong and the fittest I've ever been? No, I'm not good at aerials right now, no pressure. I want to be a good rider and maybe do another horse trial and I'm feeling a bit intimidated by the advanced event horse I've started riding so I have to be perfect? No, I'm a shitty rider right now so if we have to do cross rails for a year that's fine. He's seen worse, he's not going anywhere. I have to be the best artist/etsy shop owner/etc. ever? No, I'm not doing commissions or painting for my shops, or stressing over my shops because I'm not good at those things right now. 
   This reasoning sounds pessimistic, but it's really not. I've already felt motivated to work on a painting I haven't touched in years because I felt so little pressure to produce results. I hadn't painted or done any art work in several months, and honestly, that was a very good thing for me and probably what gave me the 'not being good right now idea.' Not attempting anything took all the pressure away. I've felt identified by my art for most of my life, so struggling to produce the results I wanted was very disheartening. 
  I'm hoping to finish that painting soon. It might not be very good, but I will be happy to hang it on my wall. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Obie's Birthday

This blog has been neglected for quite a while, in fact, all of Obie's birthday month (April) went by without a post. Here's some belated Obie love for the now teenage Oban (he turned 13!)

Obie modelled some pink flowers from work for another project for me a couple months ago, and I thought the photos were lovely! (Although he does need his face trimmed.)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Equestrian Style: Anatomy Class

I have a thing for skeletons, particularly horse skeletons. Here are a few things on my wish list (actually, I might own some of them already.)

1. Points of the Horse shirt from Tara Kiwi (I don't have this particular shirt, but I have a couple others from Tara Kiwi and love them.)

2. Horse Anatomy Printed Cushion by UrbanFox on Etsy. 

3. Horse Anatomy Antique Print from VintageInclinations on Etsy. (I ordered some astronomy and geology prints from her and they were lovely.)

4. Chicha Libre gig poster by local Houston artist Carlos Hernandez of Burning Bones Press.       Skeletons and equestrian vaulting? I love it!

5. Horse Skull Necklace by Moon Raven Designs on Etsy. (I have this necklace and am wearing it right now! I got it to wear to the opening of last year's open exhibition at the Art Car Museum when my horse skull painting was on display.)

6. Porcelain Plate with Vintage Horse Anatomy art by Evie Lotts on Etsy. 

7. Calavera Chic Top on Modcloth. Cool embroidery that looks almost like a sugar skull. I have this top and have received a ton of compliments each time I've worn it. 


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Heads Up Heels Down

I actually got to use my drawing skills at work today! (It was for drawing tutus and such, not horses though.) I was feeling so inspired when I got home that I did have to set my skills to making a subtle equestrian comic, because those who can, do. And those who can't, well, we make fun of winners' bad form in all their photos. 


Monday, February 25, 2013

Aerial Update - First Six Weeks of 2013

Tonight I'm starting my second six week session of aerial classes for 2013. I'm still not sure how many I'll be taking. In the last session I only took 1 class after a year of 3 classes per week. I was feeling swamped and it was a good decision.  
This video is from the last class of the first six week session. I was unsure about posting it since it is far from perfection, but I like tracking my progress and having help remembering what I've been working on. This was the first time I put all these movements together at once. The bicycle climb at the start got cut short since the free fabric swiveled in front of me. I can see I need to work on looking up more during music box, I'm looking down at myself. I've always struggled with the roll-up into cross back straddle and finally figured it out here! (Keeping left (low) arm stiff and close to my body maybe?)
Anyway, I'm looking forward to class tonight and perhaps later this week...


Thursday, February 21, 2013

One Handed Jumping Lessons

For the past three weeks my riding lessons have revolved around some badly needed improvements to my position and timing while jumping. I've been doing a lot of jumping with one arm over my head (on the very reliable Review). It keeps you more upright, and not collapsing forward, which in turn, prevents the dreaded leg slide back. I'd got kind of stuck in a vicious cycle of feeling insecure while jumping, which degrades my position, and then having my poor position make me feel even more insecure. I'm feeling better already! 


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Pantone Wishlist

An incorrect color shipment at work has had me coming up with tie-ins to the 'Pantone Color of the Year,' Emerald, since last week. After spending all day on work style boards, I had to throw together my own. Let's be honest, Emerald is just a greenish teal, the color I live in. 

1. This dress is gorgeous. Too bad wrap fronts never work for me. And I don't go fancy places.

2. Teal shoes (also shopruche.com), I always need more flats. (And great to liven up my frequently all over grey outfits)

3. I love Gypsy horses. This print from the 'emerald isle' has the right colors. 

4. Chevron print is big I guess. I'm trying to dress nicer, but I still want to live in my workout tights I bought for aerial silks. This would look classy and cover the ass. 

5. Pretty rocks! (The geochronologist makes me notice these things now.) From Hello-Lucky here is Houston!

6. My formative years were spent listening to 'The Planets' on our console record player. Today the only vinyl I own is the Meligrove Band's 'Planets Conspire' and I don't even have a record player. (Technically, I traded half ownership of a didgeridoo to my brother for Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Sticky Fingers, and Their Satanic Majesties Request, but I haven't received them yet.) I like this one, for the color of course, but they don't make it anymore. The closest you can get is this. Just not the same.